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Jackal and Caracal Hunting Course - Northern Cape Hunting School

Jackal and Caracal Hunting Course

Livestock farmers and game farmers in South Africa have been plagued by the Black Backed Jackal and Caracal for many years. Although these animals do play an important role in the ecosystem as scavengers, they find sheep an easy target and will not necessarily kill to consume one lamb, but will kill a large number per day without eating them. 

On this course we will teach you how to properly hunt for these two animals to protect your livestock against them.



All courses are presented at the Northern Cape Professional Hunters School in Vanderkloof. Vanderkloof is situated in the heart of Africa, NCPH is located in the most central region of South Africa.



Dates to be confirmed.


Course Includes:

The course includes all accommodation and meals and the opportunity to hunt a variety of antelope, that can be anything from a Springbuck to a Blue Wildebeest.


Age Restriction

You have to be older than 17 and younger than 65 years.


Rules, Regulations and Terms:

This is a dry course – students are not permitted to drink alcohol on this course.
Students will be held responsible for all equipment that is broken by negligence.
Students are responsible for all own medical costs.
All students must sign an indemnity form.
If a student do not finish the course he will be held responsible for the cost of the whole course.
All students must be neatly clothed during the course.

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