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11 Day Hunting Course - Northern Cape Hunting School

11 Day Professional Hunting Course

The 11 Day Course starts each day with theory in the morning and practical afterwards. Your course will cover topics such as Nature Conservation Law and Rowland Ward and Safari Club International measuring methods.  Ballistics, spoor identification and interpretation, caping and skinning as well as photography techniques for trophies.  History of Safaris, hunting economy, shooting techniques and skills. Hunting Techniques and methods and client handling.  In short a fun course that will take your knowledge about hunting and professional hunting to a very high level.



All courses are presented at the Northern Cape Professional Hunters School in Vanderkloof. Vanderkloof is situated in the heart of Africa, NCPH is located in the most central region of South Africa.



6 January - 18 January 2019
29 September - 11 October 2019
10 November - 22 November 2019
24 November - 6 December 2019


Age Restriction

You have to be older than 17 and younger than 65 years.


What do I have to bring?

  • A 243 caliber or bigger bolt action rifle. If you are unable to bring a weapon or do not own one, we can rent you a suitable firearm for R850, this fee also includes your ammo.
  • Good quality Binoculars, your Digital Camera and a sharp Knife
  • Comfortable Hiking Boots
  • Proper Hat
  • Some warm clothing (that can get dirty)
  • 5 sets of t-shirts & trousers
  • Washing is done every 5 days, so please mark your clothes.



The Course costs R 12 500 per person and includes all study material, food and lodging. A R2 500 Deposit to confirm your booking.


Program 11 Day Professional Hunting Course

Arrival Day

Interviews with students to evaluate hunting knowledge and to identify any possible study pitfalls or problems.

Day 1

Lesson 1: History of safaris in South Africa
Lesson 2: Northern Cape hunting ordinance
Lesson 3: Rowland Ward & SCI measuring Methods

Day 2

Lesson 4: Trophy Handling
Lesson 5: Guns and ballistics
Lesson 6: Spoor identification
Practical 1: Spoor identification and interpretation
Practical 2: Tree and grass identification
Practical 3: Trophy Judging
Evening: Northern Cape Hunting ordinance

Day 3

Lesson 7: Hunting methods & techniques
Lesson 8: Trophy photography and cameras
Practical 4: Photography practical
Practical 5: Trophy caping
Practical 6: Trophy Judging
Evening: Northern Cape Hunting ordinance

Day 4

Practical 7: trophy photography judging
Lesson 9: Hunting administration
Lesson 10: Hunting economics
Practical 8: Spoor and tree identification
Practical 9: Trophy Judging
Practical 10: Hunting dogs
Evening: Northern Cape Hunting ordinance

Day 5

Lesson 11: Bow hunting
Practical 11: Bow hunting and building
Practical 12: Trophy Judging
Practical 13: Bird and mammal identification
Evening: Northern Cape Hunting ordinance

Day 6

Practical 14: Shooting evaluation
Practical 15: Shooting evaluation continued

Day 7

Bird hunting and shotguns
Lesson 13: Cites
Lesson 14: Accommodation and Hunting facilities
Lesson 15: Hunting vehicles
Practical 16: Trophy Skinning
Practical 17: Trophy Judging

Day 8

Lesson 16: Shot Placement
Afternoon off to study

Day 9

SCI & Rowland Ward measuring methods exam
Lesson 18: How to accompany clients
Trophy judging

Day 10

Exams: Caping, trophy judging
Practical Exam: Hunting ability and client management

Day 11

General Exam
Northern Cape Hunting ordinance exam
Receive Certificates


Included in the Course Fees

The course includes all accommodation and meal and the opportunity to hunt a variety of antelope, that can be anything from a Springbuck to a Blue Wildebeest.


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