Northern Cape Professional Hunting School

Owned and operated by Mynhard Herholdt, The Northern Cape Professional Hunting School is located in Vanderkloof in the Northern Cape. A hunting outfitter by trade, he expanded his love for hunting and conservation by opening the PH school in 2011. The school caters for anybody who is passionate about hunting and want to expand their knowledge and understanding of all aspects of professional hunting. Most important - the school provides you with a solid platform to start your career as a Professional hunter.


We are humbled by HEYM'S generous sponsorship to the Northern Cape Professional Hunting School. HEYM is the producer of the best double rifles and bolt action rifles in the world.

In the future all the students will have the opportunity to handle and shoot the following rifles:
2. BOLT ACTION - SR 21 AFRICAN. Caliber 308
3. 88B PROFESSIONAL HUNTER (PH). Caliber 470

We are also proud to announce that our official head gear will be the HEYM cap. This cap will be worn by all students attending the school.